Located a few minutes away from the city, Rancho Tecate is nature tucked away from the loud noise and traffic of the metropolitan area. It is synonym of a healthy lifestyle, pure air, relaxation, and a break from your routine. It’s a reason to celebrate and enjoy with your loves ones. It’s your reward for all of the work you’ve done. With a comfortable and legendary hotel, breathtaking surroundings, a World-Class restaurant and equestrian center, you too can now own a piece of paradise and build the house of your dreams. There’s never been a better time to buy.

With almost two centuries of great tradition, Rancho Tecate, the “North Gate to Baja Wine Route” reflects the love those generations of yesteryear developed by working this land through agriculture, livestock and a well-rooted wine tradition. In order to discover its essence and its reason for being it is necessary to acknowledge key figures that have helped put Rancho Tecate on the map.

“A place to fall in love and rediscover life”

Don Juan Bandini

Visionary businessman and Rancho Tecate’s first property owner in 1833 whose former estate makes up our current Center for Development.

orn in 1800, he was a key figure in the history of the two Californias. Raised in San Diego and in what is now known as Tecate.

Don Juan Bandini made his mark not just because of his involvement in the political and business world, but most notably for his lasting influence on social life and his excellent taste for the finer things, always elegant and refined, Bandini was quite fond of large fiestas, good wine, music and dance. There is no doubt that his legacy of good taste and class are part of the fabric Rancho Tecate.

Rancho Tecate became the central hub for field businesses, which Bandini established in the ranches of Jamul, Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada and Tijuana. Creating great vineyards, orchards and vegetables, both Tecate and Valle de Guadalupe, which together with the planting of fodder temporarily allowed to keep their fledgling cattle herds.

Alberto Tena Bonilla

At the beginning of the 20th century, Alberto Tena Bonilla transformed the old house of Juan Bandini into the seat of a wine company whose fame transcended the national scope and boosted the wine industry in the region. During those years, between Tijuana, Valle Redondo and Tecate there were more than fifteen companies that produced large quantities of aguardiente and table wines of high quality.

In Rancho Tecate you can still see the barrels, stills and vines from those times of wine-making glory in which Bandini and Tena Bonilla transformed the land of Tanamá and Tecate into emporiums and paradises of good wine, as a result of the entrepreneurial vision that has always characterized the men who have settled in these glens of stone and hopes.


Don Juan Salvatore Allesio Massa

In 1964, a third entrepreneur of Italian origin, would also make his mark on the history of Tecate. Don Juan Alessio went from shining shoes outside of a bank located on Avenida Revolucion on the corner of Calle Segunda in Tijuana during the 1930’s, and rose step by step to eventually soar higher than the Cuchumá, an emblematic mountain of Tecate. Determined to take on the task of continuing the work of pioneers Bandini and Tena Bonilla and bequeath Rancho Tecate as a monument of tradition and exclusivity to its new residents.

The ranch had been built to merely keep up with the wine culture, but was then acquired by the Don himself Juan Alessio , who also build your house by the lake and decided to create Rancho Tecate. In 1989 he obtained a the necessary building permit from the State Government of Baja California to create the Country Club in an expansion area of 650 hectares (1606.18 acres.)

A large connoisseur of the refinements, and amenities of international “jet-setting” due to his over 30 years of experience running successful greyhound and horse racing venues such as “Agua Calienter” and “Ciudad Juarez” as well as the success of his famous San Diego restaurant Mr. A’s, it was not difficult for Don Juan Alessio to bring a unique touch of class and glamor that would redefine and transform Rancho Tecate from former house of Bandini and Tena Bonilla’s vineyard into one of Baja California’s most well-regarded and valued treasures.

In 2008 the Valcas Group acquired Rancho Tecate and began the next phase. Country lands, hotel, restaurant, events, where the vineyards and horse breeding are consolidated one of the main attractions. Today, Rancho Tecate, the northern gateway to the Ruta de Vino, is a reality.

We retain the whole flavor and tradition of the past, amid unparalleled landscapes, each corner of the ranch is an opportunity to be in contact with the endemic nature of the region, attraction that has made of Baja California a magical place known both nationally and internationally.




A campestral dream that comes true

Picture yourself breathing the pure air of the countryside, riding among vineyards, enjoying the gastronomy of Baja California, contemplating astonishing landscapes and relaxing with a succulent wine of the region.

You can live all this in Rancho Tecate, an incredible place located in the heart of Baja California, in the Pueblo Magico of Tecate, only 45 minutes from San Diego. Come and enjoy with your loved ones our amenities, and live the country experience of your dreams.

Our owners and visitors have get 650 hectares with incredible viewpoints, vineyards, an imposing waterfall, natural lakes, hiking trails and much more.