Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our land from future owners.

Who are the developers?

The Valcas Group, the company that founded the tourism development “Bajamar Ocean Front Golf Resort” in Ensenada, B.C., among other projects, through their company Haciendas de Tanamá, S.A. de C.V. promote Rancho Tecate.

What are your amenities?

Those are recreational areas for common use such as restaurant, hotel, vineyards, wine club, pool, barbecue area; mountain bike trails, hiking trails, Lake Bridge, stables, etc.

What are the hotel’s hours of operations?

Open from Monday to Sunday. Check-in 15:00 – Check-out 24:00.

How much is the maintenance fee and when does one begin to pay it?

A monthly fee of $50 has been established and is paid starting from your first monthly payment.

Are there any restrictions on construction? What kind of image must be used for the housing development?

Yes. These restrictions are detailed in the documents called “Rancho Tecate Protections” and in the “Rules of Design and Construction Rulebook.” Plans have to be reviewed by the Design Committee, as established by these protections. The image needs to be made on CAD or compatible software according to Rule 2 of the “Rules of Design and Construction Rulebook.”

Does the land have water and electricity services?

Yes. The land has service for both of these utilities.

Land identification number? Electricity and water gauges?

The land identification numbers will be handed out once the boundaries are defined. They are handed out as a result of having been requested by either the prospective builder or the person making the payment for the property and require a deed.

Boundary defining has a separate price and will be charged to the buyer.

The lots that already possess the services can also request them once the construction project has been presented and approved by the Design Committee.

Due to the fact that there’s no drainage system, does the septic tank have any special specifications?

The septic tank has to comply with the specifications required by the municipal authority and has to be designed
According to the requirements of the house.

We recommend the use of environment-friendly systems such as pre-made septic tanks, small treatment plants, recycling of waste, water and bio digesters. These options will also have to be presented in detail in the project plans.

Does Rancho Tecate have reliable clean water distribution? Is there enough clean water supplied to avoid any possible shortages in the future?

Rancho Tecate relies on two dedicated clean water supplies. The first comes from two authorized intakes connected to the Mexicali aqueduct that is responsible for providing water to Tijuana. The second supply comes from two authorized water wells that are on property.

Once the clients buy their land, will they get the boundaries defined?

Boundaries will be defined as soon as they get the deed registered, or before if any construction takes place that may require some kind of municipal authorities’ permission.

What kind of security does Rancho Tecate have?

Rancho Tecate has 24-hour on-site security.

Can I dismantle my lot as soon as I sign my deed?

Yes. Your lot may be dismantled as soon as the dismantling project proposal is received and authorized. You will only be allowed to build or dismantle a maximum of 50% of the lot, as per the “Rules of Design and Construction Rulebook.” The remaining 50% can be covered with pergolas, stone or clay floors, planters, etc.

It is recommended that you leave at least a 20% of the original plants in order to preserve the current ecosystem.

How is garbage removal handled?

We have an organic garbage area for disposal of dry leaves, twigs, branches etc. It can be then reused for compost.

We also have another non-organic garbage area where trash is collected by professional sanitation services.

If I have workers, will be they be given access?

The security personnel will register them and hand them IDs when they enter the property. The IDs should be in a visible place at all times.

The workers must only be in their workspace. A warning will be given if the workers are caught in other areas that have not been authorized.

What insurance will the properties have for dealing with any problem with a neighbor, or their property that might arise?

This depends on the civil responsibilities carried by everyone and their individual actions. We recommend getting a separate insurance that covers such risks, but it’s totally up to each owner.


How can I apply for a lot?

Through a real estate agent authorized by the Tanamá estate developer. A Buying Offer must be filled out and submitted with a 100 dollar deposit.

The Deed must be signed in a 15 day period.

If the transaction cannot be made, the deposit is reimbursed.

If I buy, when can I build?

As soon as you obtain the following:

1. Catastral Marking
2. Plan approval by the Design Committee, according to the Protection Documents and Design Rules.
3. Construction Permit approved by the municipal authorities after it having been paid.

How are payments made?

The payments must be made through deposit or transfer to the accounts specified in the document given at the time of the signing the deed. In all cases, a unique ID will be given per deed. This ID must be used for the deposits or transfers. It is also possible to pay the monthly fee and maintenance quota in the offices of Grupo Valcas in Tijuana or the Rancho Tecate offices.

What banks can be used for the payments?

Referenced deposits in BBVA, Bancomer in Mexico bank transfer in Banamex, or direct deposit to First Bank in USA.

If I choose to pay in U.S. dollars, what exchange rate will be used?

If you do not possess an exchange rate in the contract, it will be the one established in Grupo Valcas.

If I pay the whole amount, can I register?


Can the lots be transferred?

Yes. If you meet all the requirements established in the signed Deed.

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