Tecate’s magical places you must visit

Tecate’s magical places you must visit

There’s no excuse to not live an adventure every weekend! Located between Tecate and Mexicali is a road to some magical places. From archaeological sites to wind farms, here are a selection of sites that you must visit:

Old Poster Military “Field Alaska”

Enjoy your stay and visit the town of La Rumorosa, where you can see the former barracks of “Campo Alaska”, a building that was built under Governor Abelardo L. Rodríguez in the twenties as a Government House. In addition to being a space for office work, the location also served as a station for troops.
Currently, the former headquarters is a regional museum and cultural space where relevant pieces of Baja California’s history are displayed. Definitely a tourist spot you should see!

Military Barracks “Field Alaska” was an area of utmost importance to Baja California.
Photograph taken of: www.descubrebajacalifornia.com

To get: Km60, Carretera La Rumorosa.
Contact: (686) 557-1647

Archaeological zone of Vallecitos

An impressive place full of energy and natural beauties. Historically, Vallecitos has paintings made by ancient Kumiai, which showcase the magical-religious elements represented by human and animal figures.
In one of the sites, you will find the famous “Diablito” (Sunwatcher), which is the figure of a man with horns on his head. On the 21st and 22nd of December, coinciding with the winter solstice, the sun directly points to this figure and illuminates his eyes.
Marvel at the majesty of one of the expressions that continue to make history in our region.

Photograph of the famous “Diablito” in Vallecitos.
Photographs taken of: www.descubrebajacalifornia.com

In stones like this, you can find cave paintings.
Pictures taken from: www.descubrebajacalifornia.com

To reach: Km 72 Federal Highway 2 Mexicali-Tecate, La Rumorosa
Phone: (686) 552-3591

Tecate Brewery

Tecate Beer was born in 1944 and its name pays homage to municipality of the same name. In 1954 the company was acquired by Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, who expanded its distribution throughout the country. Notably, Tecate was the first canned beer in Mexico, and today is one of the best known international brands.
On-site free tours to see the process of preparing the drink are given, as well as tastings of an exquisite sample of seven beer brands such as Sol, Carta Blanca, XX Lager, XX Amber, Indio, red Tecate and Tecate Light.

The brewery is one of the landmarks of the magical town of Tecate.

Directions: Bailón Oscar Chacon Blvd. # 150, Col. Viñitas.
Phone: (665) 654-9478 and (665) 654-5635

Town of La Rumorosa and Campo Wind

La Rumorosa is a town between Mexicali and Tecate. Its main attraction focuses on natural landscapes that is worthy of admiration because of the beauty of its stunning viewpoints, rocks and mountains. In addition, you can also visit the Rumorosa Wind Park, opened in 2010, with five wind turbines that have the capacity to produce 10 thousand Watts used for street lighting.

An impressive ridge of rock that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.
Photograph taken of: http://mapio.net/pic/p-14439425/

Rumorosa Wind Park, which takes advantage of renewable energy in the state.
Pictures taken from: www.descubrebajacalifornia.com

To get: Town La Rumorosa
Phone: (686) 552-9765
Pack your suitcase and hit the road! Tecate and its magical places await.




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