Watch out for hidden costs your wedding day may bring

Watch out for hidden costs your wedding day may bring


Everything seems to go perfectly: the dress, the invitations and the banquet are all within the budget. Set for this celebration, or at least, we this is the case. However In most cases, weddings cost more than was planned, since most couples forget to include some of the details and only plan the big things.
That’s why we want to help you consider all of the some of the small details to help when budgeting your wedding in a way that avoids unpleasant surprises.


Besides the cost of producing invitation should take into account the money you will need to get them delivered. Whether you are delivering through the postal service, an intermediary service or even on your own, you have to be sure to calculate gas money, or whatever the cost by someone providing the delivery service will be.


Read contracts carefully: taxes are often hidden in the fine print. The food and drinks usually include service charges. As for religious and / or a civil ceremony, there are certain fees for both churches and courts. Costs of prenuptial clinical examinations if your estate requires them, as well as medical certificate costs will be added to your bill. Be sure to get copies of everything you sign.


Set aside a certain amount that will be used for tipping waiters, photographers, florists, the DJs and security guards. Some people forget to do this, but still end up tipping and then are surprised that they went over budget. Plan and set a budget for tipping ahead of time.


Many brides choose to save money by purchasing their dress online, or at a discount store. However, one should remember to set aside some money in case alterations are needed. Having money set aside for making these adjustments makes a huge difference and will make whatever you choose look like it is perfect for you.


Make sure your budget for a hair and makeup artist. Make sure they are willing to test different things leading up to your big day and always know the price ahead of time.


Usually wedding services are contracted between 8 and 12 hours, but what if the party gets very good? You might want to reserve more hours than you think you’ll need in order to avoid paying for overtime.

Take these recommendations into account to avoid unforeseen expenses that can really begin to add up if one is not careful. Keeping these points in mind, now you should revisit your budget and see if you missed anything.


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