Your own vineyard at home. How easy is it?

Your own vineyard at home. How easy is it?

If you’ve ever thought about having your own vineyard, in this post we will explain the basic details to help get you started. The secret of a successful vineyard is the climate and the soil properties.
From the beautiful plains of the Mediterranean to the stunning valleys of California and Baja California, vineyards always give a special touch to any landscape…so why not have one at home!
In the case of our state, we have excellent climate and soil conditions that allow for thriving grape growing. It is therefore not surprising that the most prolific productions that come from Mexico are in the northwest of the country, such as the wineries of the Wine Route, where we can find the Guadalupe Valley and Rancho Tecate.

The idea of having a personal production and to be able to enjoy your own wine is quite tempting. In theory, all that is needed is having land with the right conditions. However,it is important to be informed of all the issues of viniculture before you start growing. In fact, if possible, you should contact a local vineyard to consult with them about the processes. If this is not possible, no worries…follow our outline:

1. Determine why you want a vineyard

it is important to set goals in order to plan accordingly.

2. Find out everything you can about viniculture

Take into account all of the climate and soil factors as well as the types of grapes that will be compatible with your crop.

3. Choose the grape variety that are considered ideal

This will help ensure optimal growth and that your first vines not die in the process.

4. Select the part of land to use for production.

It has been shown that the vine grows best on slopes because it helps to better drain water from the soil. These are the kind of details you want to remember to achieve the best results.

5. Constantly monitor your land

In the ideal situation, your land would have a pH balance of anywhere from 5.5 to 6.5, but never greater than 7.

6. Think about the amount of vines you will need for your production.

About 9 kilograms of grapes are needed to produce 4 liters of wine, approximately.

These are just some of the things any beginner should know. We cannot stress the importance of getting all of the information you need enough before venturing into the world of the winemaking. You can view material on the Internet or in specialized books on the subject. Do not be discouraged if your first attempts did not go well. Remember that practice makes perfect.

Having your own vineyard can become reality in Rancho Tecate, what better excuse to live in this paradise!




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